Hexis Lab

what we do

Hexis Lab creates and validates unique skincare products that work. Our approach uses complex system modelling techniques and machine learning. We design skincare formulations that are optimised for different skin types and conditions. 

“We enable the personal care industry to create beauty products that work – work for the consumer, the producer and the environment”


Our proprietary technology transforms clients’ research projects by providing information and insight of a kind that standard techniques
cannot deliver. Our process delivers skincare products with breakthrough capabilities that customers want. This gives our clients an important competitive advantage in a fast-evolving marketplace.

Key Benefits

New Products

License next-generation patented ingredients

New Claims

Get new and scientifically verified claims for existing brands

New Markets

Give global Millennials and Gen Z the customised skincare they desire

Natural Products

Consumers want natural; we have a portfolio of natural bioactive ingredients with unique skincare benefits

Find out more about the coming revolution in skincare, and how it is likely to impact on your business.