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Natural Ingredients delivering clinical benefits

The days of pseudo-science are coming to an end. If you own a cosmetic or skincare brand you now need genuine scientific proof to support your product marketing if you want to compete in the growing clinical luxury segment of the market. You need a partner who is a skincare innovation specialist.

Leading cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies are always be looking for cutting-edge product innovation strategies and methodologies. 

If this is what you are looking for then Hexis Labs is your perfect partner.

Products backed by rigorous science will be the new market leaders

People have grown sceptical about psuedo-scientific claims. Consumers are now also researchers. They will challenge your claims about the effectiveness of your ingredients and take to social media channels if they feel they have been mislead. This can damage brands and impact on revenues. Now is the time to develop products that can truly claim to be clinically proven.

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Skin Science R&D

Working alongside Newcastle University we translate research into different skin types to understand how they react to differing skin challenges.

This knowledge allows us uncover previously unknown biological targets for different skin types, or targets common to all skin types. This stratified approach ensures that formulations we develop have optimum activity not only for the condition but for the skin type itself.

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In-Silico Compound Screening

In-Silico Compound Screening – A Discovery Platform in the Cloud

Access Massive Computing power

Our discovery platform utilises big data cloud comput- ing approaches and in-silico computer modelling toscreen a huge database of natural plant derived compounds for activity against our selected cellular targets.

Explore Nature’s Ingredients

The database of natural compounds is constantly growing as data is added from published studies ofTCMs (Traditional Chinese Medicines) and traditional plant products from Asia, Africa and elsewhere.

Get Deep Learning Working for You

Using an approach developed for the pharmaceuticalindustry, with advanced computing power and our own proprietary ‘deep learning’ algorithms*, we are able togenerate computer models of our selected target molecules within the skin and screen for interactions with our natural compound library and use this information to develop unique formulations.

Save time and Money

Our methods allow us to rapidly perform hundreds of thousands of in-silico experiments to rapidly drill downinto the database to select the most effective naturalcompounds. Using conventional in-vitro test tubebased screening in a lab could take years and potential-ly cost millions to get the same level of data accuracy and coverage.

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Product Innovation

Product Innovation

Our dedicated team of researchers and collaborators are committed to delivering cutting edge products that are safe, effective, and have measurable benefits.

Working with our selected partner healthcare companies and academic institutions, we provide best-in-class specialist services for innovative development.

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