Hexis Lab is a Global Leader in Skincare Innovation

Targeted Skincare

Hexis Lab produce ground-breaking ethnically targeted skincare products to protect and repair sun-damaged skin & improve life wellbeing.

Create Products for Niche Skincare Markets

There are several major skin types (phenotypes) including Caucasian, Asian, Oriental, and African.

Access the latest Skin Research 

In conjunction with the globally leading research team from Newcastle University we use the latest scientific findings in the fields of Biochemistry, Genetics, DNA analysis, Proteomics and Systems Biology to understand these skin types and to identify how they react to differing skin challenges, such as allergens, pollution, ageing, loss of elasticity, acne, eczema.

Skin Science R&D

Working alongside Newcastle University we translate research into different skin types to understand how they react to differing skin challenges.

This knowledge allows us uncover previously unknown biological targets for different skin types, or targets common to all skin types. This stratified approach ensures that formulations we develop have optimum activity not only for the condition but for the skin type itself.

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In-Silico Compound Screening

Our discovery platform utilizes big data cloud computing approaches and in-silico computer modelling to screen a huge database of natural plant derived compounds for activity against our selected cellular targets.

This database of natural compounds is constantly growing as data is added from published studies of TCMs (Traditional Chinese Medicines) and traditional plant products from Asia, Africa and elsewhere.

We discover new interactions faster and at lower cost than traditional lab based screening.

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Product Innovation

Our dedicated team of researchers and collaborators are committed to delivering cutting edge products that are safe, effective, and have measurable benefits.

Working with our selected partner healthcare companies and academic institutions, we provide best-in-class specialist services for innovative development.

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