In-Silico Compound Screening

A Discovery Platform in the Cloud

  • Access Massive Computing Power

We use big data cloud computing and in-silico computer modelling to screen a huge database of natural compounds for activity against specific cellular targets.

  • Explore Nature’s Treasure Trove

The database of natural compounds is constantly growing to include plant products from Asia, Africa and elsewhere.

  • Get Deep Learning Working for You

Using an approach developed for the pharmaceutical industry, our ‘deep-learning’ algorithms screen for skin interactions with our natural compound library and use this information to develop unique formulations.

  • Save time and Money

Our methods allow us to rapidly perform hundreds of thousands of experiments ‘in-silico’ to rapidly drill down into the database to select the most effective natural compounds.

Using conventional in-vitro screening would take years and cost £millions to get the same results we achieve in days.

Contact us now to learn how in-silico compound screening can reduce your costs and fast track your next generation of products.

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