our vision

Create Beauty that Works

We enable the cosmetics industry to create beauty products that work – work for the consumer, the producer and the environment.
We are market leaders in the application of AI and machine learning to skincare development. This has enabled us to identify active ingredients and biomarkers with skincare benefits.


Hexis Lab use proprietary technology including, AI techniques to facilitate the development of breakthrough products in skincare. Our products provide the benefits consumers have long aspired to for their skincare. Owing to the sheer biological complexity of skin, traditional research has failed to create such products.


New science is set to usher in a new era to the $1 trillion personal care market, providing enormous rewards to the owners. Hexis Lab's technology provides unique insights that traditional research methods cannot, in the process creating market leading products. Unlike conventional in-vitro based screening in a laboratory, it does not take years or cost millions.


Our approach provides data to optimise and accelerate your skincare research projects. What is the impact of specific ingredients on key skin systems? Which ingredients in your compound libraries have an impact on skin and, what is the nature of that impact? Do your ingredients or skincare formulations alter the biological age or condition of skin?


Hexis Lab can support you through: (1) Collaboration to create new products, to meet an unmet market need in skincare, and (2) Licensing of existing proprietary active ingredients, to be formulated into skincare products that deliver new capabilities.