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Peptides are proven to have multiple functional bioactivity. They are suitable for targeted protein-protein interactions, and smart delivery of bio-molecules. Unlike small molecules, Bioactive peptides show predictable metabolism. A low incidence of side-effects, safety, often smaller than most bio-molecules, high selectivity, high specificity, bioavailability, efficacy, and tolerability of bioactive peptides make them better alternatives. Drawing on the advances in the developments in peptide research, PepTec ® integrates the computational powers of machine learning to unlock the immense potentials and benefits of bioactive peptides.

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PepTec® is built on proprietary deep learning algorithms and a big data cloud computing approach that models, prototype and predicts bioactive peptides for various biological targets. Our algorithms are trained to perform high throughput in-silico experiments to guide the design and discovery of bio-active peptides. PepTec® computational powers quickly span the combinatorially immense sequence space. Thus, it provides speed and accuracy and enables the rapid development of cost effective and unique innovation. Particularly, PepTec®’s approach aims profitable synergies and promising candidates.

PepTec® unlocks the enormous beneficial potentials of our growing database of natural compounds – plant and marine extracts. Beyond identifying peptides, PepTec® provides a rare understanding of the underlying physio-chemical and bio-activities properties of peptides. This informs further experiments. New peptides identified from our in-silico experiments could be synthesized and their bioactivities validated through in vitro and in vivo experiments.

In addition to synthetic alternatives, we examine bioactive peptides from natural occurring sources; hence, they a sustainable and scalable. In line with our bio-sustainable and bio-circular perspective, we explore the potential of bio-active peptides from bio-waste products. This creates value-adding products from relatively inexpensive sources of materials.


Whether drug development or vaccines, bioactive peptides are proven to address a broad range of therapeutic classes and indications (Antihypertensive, Antimicrobial, Anti-oxidation, Anti-cancer, Stimulatory, and Immunomodulatory).

PepTec ® is able to deliver high innovative ingredients for functional food and medical food, for health and wellness: eg. Stress, inflammation, etc

Our bioactive peptides are able to provide safe preservatives for food and beverages that are better, clean label, GRAS compliant, compared to the alternatives.