Development platforms

Artificial Intelligence Based Discovery Platform

Hexis Lab Pro.X®

Our unique discovery platform, Hexis Lab Pro.X®, is built on proprietary deep learning algorithms. Its big data cloud computing approach enables us to conduct computer model simulations and in-silico screening of natural compounds.

Our AI system is integrated with advanced computing power that understands the high complexity of biological systems.

These capabilities enable us to quickly and cost-effectively design,  validate and virtually prototype new bio-based products for different applications, on behalf of our clients.

Our proprietary database is constantly expanding and already contains tens of thousands of natural products with identified benefits. It is based on the most up-to-date scientific research and knowledge about each compound and formulation.

Hexis Lab PepTec®​

Peptides have many proven functional bioactivities for the effective delivery of bio-molecules throughout the skin. Peptides are safe, have proven efficacy, and are well tolerated by the skin. Peptides are a better alternative to small molecule bioactives.

PepTec® is built on proprietary deep learning algorithms and a big data cloud computing approach. It models, prototypes and predicts bioactive peptides for various biological targets. Our algorithms are trained to perform high throughput in-silico experiments to guide the design  and discovery of bioactive peptides. In addition to synthetic alternatives, we can identify bioactive peptides from naturally occurring sources that can be used in your products.

Hexis Lab Skin-Type Analytics®

Not all skin types respond in the same way to products and the environment. Hexis Lab has unique patented technology that allows us to identify specific skin types, and then produce cosmetic products that meet the specific requirements of each type.

Consumers are increasingly dissatisfied with the current ‘one size fits all’ approach to skincare. Make-up providers are starting to address this, but we are unique in offering a similar approach to skincare protection.