Hexis Lab

Hexis Lab Pro.X®

Our unique discovery platform, Hexis Lab Pro.X®, is built on proprietary deep learning algorithms and, a big data cloud computing approach that allow us to conduct computer model simulations and in-silico screening of natural compounds. Our AI system is integrated with advanced computing power that resolves the high-complexity of biological systems.

Using these capabilities, we help our clients to quickly and cost effectively design, validate, and virtually prototype, new bio-based products for dermatological and nutraceutical applications. In addition, we use these capabilities to review the alternate functionality of known compounds allowing us to repurpose them for new applications.

Our proprietary database is constantly expanding and has tens of thousands of natural products and their benefits identified. It is based on the most up to date scientific research, so we know the properties of each compound have been proven. We apply a methodology adopted by the pharmaceutical industry when we are identifying and combining ingredients. This level of research and rigour ensures each stand-alone ingredient does exactly what it needs to, but it is tested to ensure that in combination each ingredient is effective, a completely novel approach in the beauty industry.

Hexis Lab PepTec®

Peptides are proven to have multiple functional bioactivity. They are suitable for targeted protein-protein interactions, and smart delivery of bio-molecules. Unlike small molecules bioactive peptides show a predictable metabolism. A low incidence of side-effects, safety, often smaller than most bio-molecules, high selectivity, high specificity, bioavailability, efficacy, and tolerability of bioactive peptides make them better alternatives. Drawing on the advances in the development in peptide research, PepTec ® integrates the computational powers of machine learning to unlock the immense potentials and benefits of bioactive peptides.
PepTec® unlocks the enormous beneficial potentials of our growing database of natural compounds – plant and marine extracts. Beyond identifying peptides, PepTec® provides a rare understanding of the underlying physio-chemical and bio-activities properties of peptides. This informs further experiments. New peptides identified from our in-silico experiments can be synthesised and, their bioactivities validated through in-vitro and in-vivo experiments.

PepTec® is built on proprietary deep learning algorithms and a big data cloud computing approach that models, prototypes and predicts bioactive peptides for various biological targets. Our algorithms are trained to perform high throughput in-silico experiments to guide the design and discovery of bio-active peptides. PepTec® computational powers quickly span the combinatorially immense sequence space. It provides speed and accuracy and enables the rapid development of cost effective and unique innovation. PepTec®’s approach identifies profitable synergies and promising candidates.

In addition to synthetic alternatives, we examine bioactive peptides from naturally occurring sources; they are sustainable and scalable. In line with our bio-sustainable and bio-circular perspective, we explore the potential of bio-active peptides from bio-waste products.

Hexis Lab Stratification®

Different skin types have different responses to products and the environment. There are a number of clearly defined skin types. Hexis Lab have unique patented technology allowing us to not only identify specific skin types, but to produce cosmetic products to meet the specific requirements of each type.

Consumers are increasingly aware that the current ‘one size fits all’ approach does not work for their skin. Make up providers are now starting to address this, we are in a unique position to offer the same for skincare protection.

Valuable New Claims for your Skincare Products

Establishing and validating previously unknown benefits of your existing skincare products can lead to new claims for marketing, cementing and expanding your market share. Our proprietary technology provides new screening capabilities to assess the impact of product ingredients on the systems within skin, identifying benefits unlikely to be recognised using standard research methods.

Finding Hidden Value in your Compound Database

Our proprietary technology can screen your library of compounds to identify those that have potential benefits as active ingredients in skincare products. Having identified potential beneficial interactions for the skin of specific compounds, Hexis Lab then validates this with laboratory assay testing.

Novel skin assay screening services for your products

  • Protection against UVA/UVB sun damage
  • Protection against pollutant toxicity
  • Free radical & oxidative stress
  • Elastase inhibition
  • Collagenase activity
  • Protection against mitochondrial damage
  • Protection against irritative skin reaction
  • Melanin release
  • Fibroblast viability and metabolism
  • Natural Photoprotection