Hexis Lab

Our Technologies

We use our proprietary technology to design, validate and prototype our growing portfolio of proprietary skincare products


Scientifically validated pollution protection

Our natural products have strong and verified antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, reducing damage caused by environment pollution. Our active compounds work with different base formulations and can easily be introduced as actives into new and existing formulations.


Daily protection and repair for UV skin damage

Our patented compound provides smart skin protection. It has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy properties, as well as providing UV protection. It has validated potential as a single multifunctional cosmetic ingredient that is suitable for skincare formulation. Mitotech reduces damage caused by UV, while protecting the skin from
environmental damage, as well as repairing underlying DNA damage. This reduces the need for synthetic chemical sun protection filters, which appeals to skin-savvy consumers.


Natural product preservatives for cosmetics

Consumer demand for alternative skincare product preservatives is on the rise. Thanks to our machine learning approach, we were able to identify
safe natural compounds that have comparable efficacy to phenoxyethanol.


Skincare Products to Order

Order new products with scientifically validated skin benefits that are designed specifically for your target market. Our team undertakes R&D using Hexis Lab proprietary technologies. You will receive a customised product with ground breaking and scientifically proven marketing claims.