Hexis Lab

Terms and Conditions

Effective as of August 2020

Thank you for signing up to Hexis Lab Ltd’s skincare application, we trust you gain great benefit from our product. The Terms and Conditions (the “Terms”) outlined below establish our mutual agreement, as to your rights and responsibilities when accessing our services (the “Services”), including our websites and mobile applications. By using any of the Services you are agreeing to these Terms. Please read these Terms thoroughly as they contain important information about your rights and responsibilities when you use/access the Service.

Your privacy is paramount to us, we are a data driven business. Please see our Privacy Statement which details how we collect, process use and share your data, please read this carefully. Please note we will never share your genetic information (for further details please see our Privacy Statement) with employers, insurance providers, or third-party marketers, and will not share your genetic information with law enforcement unless compelled by a valid legal process as described in our Privacy Statement. Any sharing of genetic information for scientific research is permitted only if you sign our ‘Informed Consent for Research’ form, and how this information is shared will be expressly detailed in that document. Unless specifically signed and agreed with you to say your personal information can be shared any information sharing for scientific research is completely anonymised.

What you need to know about using our Services

  • Your data is always your data, at all times you maintain ownership. We need the ability to
    use your data for the purposes set out in our Privacy Statement and these Terms, and if you
    give written consent by signing our ‘Informed Consent for Research’ form your information
    to be shared with our specified project partners.
  • Our Service is not a medical diagnostic service. We only process your data in a way that
    allows us to offer you our best recommendations for bespoke skin care cosmetic products.
  • This is a new product from Hexis Lab Ltd and as such we are working hard to refine and
    improve user experience, as well as further develop new products and services. We would
    be extremely grateful for any constructive feedback about your user experience, and our
    service, please contact us on: info@hexislab.com. Furthermore for any additional features
    added to the Services will be subject to these Terms.
  • You are entitled to submit a ‘Subject Access Request’ at any point to see the data we hold
    about you, and how it is held. You may also request at any point that we delete your
    account and all data held about you. If you ask us to delete all your data you may still be
    liable for costs as detailed in your agreement. We may be required to keep some data for
    statutory purposes, in which case you will be informed of this, further information can be
    found in our Privacy Statement.

Hexis Lab Ltd is a science led dynamic company, as such we are continually researching optimum
skin care solutions, as well as improving customer experience. Consequently we anticipate adding to the Services offered, the new Services may come with further terms and will become part of your
agreement with us if you use those Services, you will be given notice as and when Services are
added/amended. As we strive to improve the service you receive we may add or remove
functionality and features from the Service, and we may suspend or stop the Service altogether. If
you have any queries in relation to any of this please contact us at: info@hexislab.com .

For ease of use the Terms have been divided into the following sections:

  1. Eligibility to use the services
  2. Your use of services
  3.  Additional terms applicable to your use of DNA services
  4. Renewals and cancellations for Hexis Lab Ltd Services
  5. Content Used in the services
  6. Termination or suspension of your account
  7. Modifications to these terms
  8. Warranty
  9. Limit of liability
  10.  Your indemnity
  11. Services offered by other companies
  12. Controlling law
  13. Dispute resolution
  14. Miscellaneous
  1. Eligibility to use the services

Users of the Services may include: unregistered guests, free registered guests, paid subscribers, and people who purchase and/or activate a ‘skin swab kit’ (Users). You may be required to create an account to use the Services. For your account protection please ensure you keep you password confidential, Hexis Lab Ltd staff, contractors and/or associates will never ask you for the full password. It is essential you provide accurate, complete and current information when you register, please also ensure any changes to your circumstances are updated. The Services are intended for adults only, and only available in the countries where the service is offered. We are looking to extend the scope of the service to additional countries.

Skin swabs – you must be at least 18 years old to purchase or use a skin swab kit, this means
that parents/guardians/adults are not allowed to purchase a skin swab kit for use on a
child/minor. If we become aware that a skin swab is from a minor we will destroy the
sample and all associated records but full payment will still be due. Depending on the
country/jurisdiction of the person providing the sample, prospective users may be required
to explicitly consent to the processing of sensitive personal information when they use their
DNA kit.